Python as discussed in the previous articles, it is a high level programming language that is dynamic in nature because it can be easily interpreted, integrated and easily study because it’s easy to understand. Never the less, python plays a vital roles in the development of standard and well acceptable application. Applications developed with python programming language can be easily documented and easily maintained. Debugging of python programs or application is quite easy. This is because python programming language makes use of English like statement but not like pseudo code. Python makes use of simple and few keyword which makes it top of other programming language. Though the limitation of python programming language is something to look into but yet its advantages overrides these limitation. Aside that python is an object oriented programming language, it easily accept the importation of other programming language codes.


The roles of python in software development cannot be set aside as it plays an important part which are discussed below;

  1. Python programs can create database schema which represent and support business processes:

A schema can be defined as a structural language which is used to describe how a database is built. A database schema explained or describe the official notation supported by the database management system. These database has a great influence in the storage of data likewise the retrieval of those data collected. Organizations which deals with complex or big data can easily makes use of database software developed with python with the use of database schema.

  1. Python programming language as the ability to combine as many data source and database together in one system:

As stated that one of the advantages of python program is that, it is able to integrate two or more different codes together. This is another major role python plays in the development of good and acceptable software because it allows developer to combine the database of different programming language together instead of re-coding. The good side of this is that, it save the developer time of re-coding which are used for other important things.

  1. Python also plays a vital role in mobile app development: How?

Python as we knows is can run in most operating system such as windows, Linus etc. and it is supported with endowed libraries. We have various application that are developed with these programming language such as mobile games, business sites, utilities and many more. Python is also known as a scripting languages, this features is a special features used by Google Android which provides ASE (Android Scripting Environment) which allows it to run on Android. Examples includes Aarlogic, Pyroute etc. The various types of software system that are used by developers for mobile phones in which python is included other examples include Symbian, J2Me, Android etc.

4. Python also support the use of software development process model:

Depending on the type of software that is required by the user. As user requirement are not stable, python can work with any of the model. This aspect helps developers to follows a specific algorithm or pattern in the development of such software.


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